Power Generation

When it comes to generating power, FloWorks stocks materials that help keep the energy flowing. For our pipes, fittings, and flanges, we offer commodity grades of material in carbon and stainless and also high-temp materials, such as H-grade stainless and various chrome grades for your steam piping applications.

As a leading PFF distributor, Southwest Stainless and Alloy is your solution for materials used in power stations, which are increasingly subjected to high operating stresses and temperatures. We can provide PFF products in material grades that provide ultra-high creep resistance and increased high-temperature oxidation resistance as well as high thermal fatigue resistance and optimum microstructural stability.

For coal and gas-fired power stations, Southwest Stainless & Alloy offers a complete range of seamless and welded pipes in carbon, chrome, special alloy, and stainless steels, used for coal-fired boilers and heat recovery steam generators.

Ash Systems

Southwest Stainless & Alloy offers various grades of our welded and seamless piping products for fly ash systems which can perform in different particle sizes and velocities for excellent abrasion resistance at high temperatures.

Material Requirements

Southwest Stainless & Alloy carries various specialty grades of seamless and welded piping products to satisfy the material requirements needed in high-temperature and high-pressure applications in terms of:

  • High creep resistance
  • Microstructural stability over time
  • Thermal fatigue resistance
  • Low oxidation rate
  • Simple manufacturing (casting, forging, bending, welding)
  • Flame-side corrosion resistance
  • Steam oxidation resistance

Southwest Stainless & Alloy offers PFF Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

We carry one of the largest inventories across North America.