PFF Experts Providing Consistently Solid Solutions


Why Southwest Stainless & Alloy?

Southwest Stainless & Alloy is a PFF expert, we partner with you to develop and provide a customized supply chain management solution specific to your company’s needs. We carry one of the largest and most diversified inventories of stainless steel and various alloy steel piping products, fittings, and flanges. We also carry extensive PFF inventories in chrome and carbons steel grades, all of which is distributed in JIT programs from facilities located across North America.

Some of our advantages include:

  • Schedule-driven performance
  • Market visibility due to our large inventory position
  • Robust Enterprise Resource Planning System with Metal Trace MTR integration
  • Best-in-class customer focus recognized by numerous customers in various energy and industrial markets
  • Technical support
  • Hands-on project management
  • Inventory commitments to avoid unexpected premiums
  • Allocated tonnage programs to shorten lead times
  • Identification of non-stock long lead time items to reduce surplus materials
  • Increased buying power by leveraging long-term vendor relationships due to position as a global leader in specialty products
  • Continued commitment to qualify low-cost quality manufacturers
  • Limited buyouts avoiding double mark-ups

Global Solutions Provider

Global Solutions Provider FloWorks International LLC is expanding to meet customers’ needs, domestic and international, and competes for new projects and contracts on a global scale. FloWorks International LLC and Southwest Stainless & Alloy are always looking for ways to serve our ever-expanding customer base in global market sectors where customers do business.

Industries Served

We distribute PFF to global markets.